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Reading Improvement


Reading Resources 

The Reading Improvement teachers at Georgetown Elementary School would like to provide you with some suggestion of how to improve your child’s reading ability. We have included websites that support reading and listed a few of the educational games available for vocabulary and word work.

If, at any time, you have any questions, feel free to contact us at school.

Happy Reading!

Jamie Gustafson                   Beth Herrig                    Kristine Weidel-Porter


Websites for Children

Early Literacy Kindergarten – Second Grade

Sight words



Websites for Parents

Vocabulary And Word Building Games

Looking for an educational gift? The following games work on vocabulary and word building skills. These games may improve your child’s reading, spelling and writing skills. Many of the games review phonic skills. The following games can be purchased at local stores with the exception of Python Path and Pharaoh’s Phonics, which are available at a local teacher’s store.

  • What’s Gnu (1 – 2)
  • Python Path (1 - 2) *
  • My First Spelling Bee (1 – 3)
  • Scrabble Jr. (2 - 3)
  • Pharaoh’s Phonics (2 and up) *
  • Boggle (2 and up)
  • Smart Mouth (3 - 5)
  • Scrabble (4 - 5)
  • Apples to Apples Jr. (4 – 5)
  • In a Pickle (4 – 5)


Commonly Accessed Links and Info for Students, Parents and Community